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Candido Ortega Wenceslao is from Cebu City, Philippines, a journalist working with the local paper Sun.Star. He writes columns three times a week and editorials also three times a week. He has published short fiction, poems, essays. He is married to Edizza and has two sons, Edison Khan and Eldrick Khan.


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  1. Roderick Hall says:

    How can I buy a copy of this book?

  2. Anne Paulin says:

    where can i email you?

  3. cebuano says:


    My e-mail is khanwens@yahoo.com

    Bong Wenceslao

  4. beejing says:

    Ei… another blogger from cebu. Link Exchange? Ei… If you might be interested. A friend of mine wants to meet, if possible, all cebuano bloggers over coffee. drop me a comment.

  5. Rene Fruto says:

    Please tell me how I can get copies of Col. Segura’s books.

  6. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Season’s greetings all!


  7. alexah says:

    i felt tired of being in school specially that we are experiencing financial problems this time…but i dont wanna quit. mahirap talagang maging mahirap! tapos ang nakakainis is sobrang dami ng kurakot sa bansa.. ewan ko ba kung may pag-asa pa ang pilipinas. Sa tingin nyo?”” DROP ME A comment

  8. alexah says:

    why do filipinos suffer hunger? Is it bcoz we are poor or marami lang talaga ang kurakot? Sabi ng nanay ko corruption springs from home.. bata pa lang ay tinuturuan ng mangurakot ang bata, kaya di rin malayo pag laki KURAKOT din! Ano tingin nyo? drop me a comment!

  9. Enpisee Dat Kom Dat Ph says:

    Dear Bong,

    “TALK about the rice problem, crisis, shortage or whatever had me joining people of my generation and older reminiscing about “the old days” when Cebu was less urban than it is now. I don’t know, but when you get older you tend to appreciate more past events than recent developments. It’s probably because we “elders” don’t want to feel irrelevant” were your words of your column today March 4/08).

    Please don’t get me wrong but I’ve been following your write ups many years now and I observe and think that you are still fixated with the events or experiences that you have had either good, bad, fearful, uplifting, insightful, melancholic, nostalgic, heart-piercing, romantic etc. You aptly described them and passed on to us readers with a vivid lens, as if we shared lived the way you did. That’s what I think.

    Pustahanay pa ta, kon dunay idahan nga nagkadaiyang laminag putahi sa imong talad kan-anan, mangita jud kag utan law-oy og ginamos with lemonsito nga sinilihan.

    Have a nice day !


  10. cebuano says:

    To N,

    So you have been reading my columns for years. My principle in writing has not changed, though. I always use my experiences to prop up my arguments and to provide lessons. I have always been partial for local color, that is why I rarely use quotations of foreign authors. I hate it when writers use examples culled from, say, US history, and talk about history of say Rome, Greece, etc. Kining ato, inato lang gyud. And yes, I prefer “utan law-oy ug ginamos with lemonsito” (ayaw lang silihi.

    C. O. Wenceslao

  11. Nick says:

    Bong, I just emailed you an invitation, I hope you can consider. – Nick

  12. Elvin says:

    Good day… your blog is great… I’m proud to be Filipino and Cebuano…

  13. nene says:

    hi I’m happy to hear sa cebuano gyod kaayo utan man kaila.

  14. Barnie Paul Geroy says:

    I read your column entitled: Paradigm shift needed for BRT system

    I wanted to post a comment on SunStar’s website.. but i have problems with the CAPTCHA thing… I enabled the cookies on my browser settings but its not working.

    So i decided to put my comment here.

    I found a video on the net about Bogota’s BRT system and I want to share to Cebuanos.

    Here’s the link:


    I believe we should adopt this system especially that Cebu is rapidly growing. Our main streets in Metro Cebu are really small (only 4 to 6 lanes) and it cannot accommodate the big number of vehicles that pass through everyday. Also, many of our jeepney/private car drivers lack discipline.

    I believe the worst is in Mandaue; along San Miguel to the corner of A.S. Fortuna street. Second is along Tabok, Mandaue. The Jeepneys there are very disorganized even with the presence of traffic enforcers. They don’t stop properly causing traffic. They crowd the four lanes of the street. They should have a separate lane – for now. I don’t they are not that strict compared to the MMDA enforcers in EDSA.

    The BRT system, if implemented, will make a Cebu a more attractive city for tourists and investors.

    more power!

  15. Renato Pacifico says:

    Ha!ha!ha! Sun*Star is in the medieval times despite journalists claim that they are the intelligentsia. These are manned and run by pekeng-peryodistas.

    I cannot understand why comments need moderation. Let me count the ways why. Filipinos are highly critical of english usage and spelling.

    In America, Filipinos slowly, calculatingly to the point of being boring and waste of time to extract and spew perpfect english. I’d rather listen to Korean and Latino’s corrupted english than waste time over Filipinos with plenty of “aaahs” and “you knows”.

    2ndly, SunStar makes sure it’s grammatically correct so as not to embarass the whole country-club-english speaking Filipinos

    3rdly, SunStar troll for wrong spellings

    And where does our country-club-english speakers put Philippines? In the muck.

    I’d rather live in a country where their head-of-state tag along their interpreter than Philippines.

    ABCNews. NYTimes and other civilized newspapers allows us to post comments and instantaenously see back-and-forth debate.

    Sun*Star are run by pseudo-intelligent people Filipino style. CORRUPT! IGNORANT! AND TOTALLY UNADULTERATED 100% DUMB

  16. Lucy says:

    Haay naunsa ba ni si atong pacifico. Mora mag law-ay.

  17. Renato Pacifico says:

    Lucy, TRUTH is “law-ay”. We, Filipinos, hate the truth. That’s why we, Filipinos, are inherent incorrigible liars.

    Filipinos cannot face the truth. Filipinos refuse to face the truth.

    There was one foreign journalist based in the Philippines where he said something to this effect … “Filipinos feel uncomfortable of the truth, they mask it so as not to hurt someone else feelings”.

    TRUTH DO NOT SET US FREE … (that’s the truth) … BUT A GOOD LAWYER DOES!

    Who has ever heard of truth sprung you from jail?

  18. Lucy says:

    Hi Renie,

    Everybody is not comfortable with the truth because that is built in being human. It is not just Filipinos who hate it so dont’t blame it on us. We cannot say the truth because we dont’t want to hurt others. To a normal person it takes courage to say it straight. There are others who can say it without hesitation but look at their attitude, they are the most provocative and abnoxious so unaccepatable to society. They are considered “rude” to the western countries. That is the reason why there are killings of the world because people are now trained to speak up the truth:)

  19. Renato Pacifico says:

    I may be provocative but definitely not obnoxious. I define a obnoxious, is a person who to to church, kneel before “him”, eyes pleadingly to the crucifix, twirling the rosary and gossip about neighbors who “made it” then plant intriguing stories.

    I’ve been to plenty of blogs where I was banned. Ellen Tordisillas banned me for asking the logic of “news blackout” on Ces Drilon and other thorny journalistic issues. Manuel Quezon III also banned me for the Ayala Terrorist bombing angle where they so-called proud and arrogant journalists with perpeftkt country-club englischtzes were convenieintly silent.

    The 3rd-estate are not up to the tasks of telling the truth. Or they may have missed the truth. Or they just failed to connect the dots.

    Lucy, go to ABCNews.com. You can post comments in realtime without moderations as long as no one complains. There are others that may be brash and condescendingly elitiest for your taste. This way the civilized journalists can feel the pulse of the people.

    Our journalists and newspapers still has a very very very long long way to go.

    I’m sorry you felt the way you feel about people who tells the truth. It’s CULTURAL THING. Therefore, Filipinos will never progress. Corrupt because they don’t want to tell the truth because it hurts. No change, because they want to maintain status quo, being corrupt.

    Too bad. It’s not your fault. It’s religion’s fault for truly corrupting our mind.

  20. Lucy says:

    Okay Renie, we will stop arguing. I believe that you are a very professional person. I agree that tellling the truth is better. I only have a bad experience for telling the truth that is why I stop doing it. I don’t have that strong personality to retain it. I would like to wish you good luck for telling the world your truth. Have a nice day!!!

  21. Renato Pacifico says:

    Lucy, you beat me down to it. Frankly, I’m not a professional person. I’m just another Filipino trash who cannot say things politely and kindly. I’m rude and brash. Toxic and corrosive. Telling truth like it is would cost a journalist life, if lucky, his/her job. We don’t have editorial freedom in the Philippnes. Every news, every column they make has to pass thru editors’s same-mold survival and monetary ideology.

    I still believe there is envelopemental journalism. Columnists write to thrive. To put food on the table. Give their family lifestyles anyone could want. And to survive despite against their principles.

    We agree that journalists are arrogant. They believe a flash of press card gives them to intrude and violate our sense of intelligence by giving us illogical, unintelligent news pieces. Inquirer’s Reader’s Advocate e-mail address don’t even work.


    The sad part is they don’t know it! THEY’RE OBVLIVIOUS! SIMPLY CLUELESS!

    I can site plenty of newsarticles that don’t make sense at all or needs clarity of transparency that needs to be doggedly followed, ie: Ces Drilon kidnapping, Ransom money commission by the mayor, accusation by the stupid military of Mayor’s pocket some of the money, Ayala’s insistence of terrorist bombing, Supreme Court to decide wether it was a bomb not some fart-fakked-spontaneous combustion and plenty others to Lozada’s 500k survival jaunt to Hong-Kong. It’s plain stupid!

    Well, Lucy, peace!

    I hoping we cross our path. I’m back in the singles market after a disastrous marriage. I find you forgiving.

    I’ll be at Bo’s in Ramos from 7:00am to 8:00am everyday waiting for you. You’d be lucky if you find me alive before some 50cc gang paid for by big businessmen and Vatican hitmen gets to me first.

  22. Lucy says:

    Hi Renie,

    You can never be happy if you don’t limit the words that come out from your mouth. People will run away from you leaving you alone. Human being is a social creature that is why people always want somebody around them. We need the acceptance of people around us. It is very easy to say “I don’t care if they will run away” but the question is “Are you happy if they ran away?” The line I don’t care is a defensive mechanism just to tell others that you are tough. To speak the truth is fine but we need to assess which truth is good and which one is bad. I agree with you that there are journalist that upsets me. I believe that they need to specify the subjective ideas from facts so not to fool the public. The public can easily believe on what they hear and what they read. That is why a lot of people believe that GMA is a corrupt leader because they believe in the subjective ideas of the journalists which I totaly disagree. Hope that life gets better.

    The issue about corruption in the Philippines has something to do with our uncontrolled population. We need to encourage our leaders to control the number of people not thru killing but maybe limiting 2 children per household and those in excress will be send out for adoption abroad. General Filipinos are corrupt because we are very poor and we cannot fully feed ourselves. Haay!! pagkapait baya.

  23. Renato Pacifico says:

    Bi-i dinha Lucy,

    How do you know I also go by the name Renie? You are a very interisting person, Lucy. I very seldom get hooked up with a woman that is lucid and has their brains up in their head than between their legs. Ooops!

    Yep, you are right! People don’t ran away from me. They avoid me. And I’m glad they do because they don’t have interesting subjects to talk about except Kris Aquino and Wowowiee dancers and the Barreto sisters.

    They are mostly EDSA “revolutionaries”. I put revolutionaries in quote because Filipinos were, are and will never bee revolutionaries. We are not the revolutionary types. While I’m at EDSA, EDSA revolution was never a revolution. It was entertainment. The very essence of Filipino character, attitude and psyche.

    The real heroes in the EDSA revolution were the balut vendors, cigarette vendors, iced-water vendors, unemployed, unemployables. Most of all the tsismosos and tsismosas. They gathered to watch who’d be the victor: Marcos? Or, Ramos/Honasan? When the critical mass of tsismosos and tsismosas came to a point where the priests came out when it was safe and hijacked the revolution from the cigarette vendors and called it “miracle in EDSA”. Then the big business, the politicans-in-waiting, the actors and actress and the jokers came out in droves. Again they hijacked it from the vendors and called it politically as EDSA Revolution.

    And the idiot journalists bite it. Well, journalists are Tanduay addled smokers who cannot get out of their fogged head.

    I chose my friends. I have a very strict definition of friends. Someone I can be at ease with. Talk anything under the star without them agreeing with me all the time. A friend who can talk whatever they have in mind. AND THERE ARE ONLY VERY FEW OF THEM.

    How I chose my friends? Bring them to Starbucks, offer them coffee. Talk about religion (I’m an atheist). If they agree with me, that means they are not really truthful of what they feel of their beliefs.

    I bring friends to Bo’s. Because it’s local and it’s original

  24. Renato Pacifico says:

    Why up late into the night? Work in Sun*Star?

  25. Renato Pacifico says:

    Oh, also another interesting thing about you is you don’t care about my spellings and syntax errors. Most Filipino bloggers when they are up against the wall they attack your spellings and syntax errors.

    These are my pet peeves. The perfect-country-club-english speakers. I hate these crowds. They think speaking good country-club english makes them above all else.

  26. Renato Pacifico says:

    Lucy! Hey, Lucy! You there?

    Say, what? Sun*Star has taken out the comments link! Sun*Star cannot take the heat on their ignorant news rantings.

    Sun*Star has come to realization that letting readers post comments on every piece of article was a bad idea after all! Because the posters are mostly high-IQ-UV/UC-graduate that logically bash their “intelligent” journalist!

    Filipinos will be dumb and dumber! Doomed and doomer! Because we have 3rd-rate-low-IQ-low-lives-3rdWorld-Asian-journaoist-Trash!!!!

  27. Renato Pacifico says:

    Sun*Star has put the comments link back in!

    But their “moderators”, I’m sure they’re bunchs of oploks, still has not posted by comments!

  28. Lucy says:

    Bi-i sad diha Renie. I know that you are Renie because you are Renato.. and do I work at Sunstar, No. I don’t.

    I am still here but I am preparing to leave soon.

    Renie, you made giggle like crazy whenever I see you comments. Are you really that mad at Sunstar? I can feel that you are just kidding.. to just being silly. If you are serious, please calm down. I won’t say “love your fellowmen” but “love yourself”.

    I am not very interested in starbucks coffee. I still have my favorite tinughong para mainitan ang tiyan or binignit nga may gabi.

    Talk to you later friend.

  29. Renato Pacifico says:

    Why Miss Earth Henry doesn’t look like a Filipina? Why does Filipinos put a person in beauty contest who doesn’t look like a Filipina or a Filipino?

    Because Filipinos are oblivious bigots and racists. We are discriminating our very own color. Get over it Filipinos! GET OVER IT!!!

    I bet you, she speaks gut-country-club-englischtzes, too!

    Filipinos are englischtzes-usage bashers in America. They bash the Mexicanos, Koreans, Chineses, Taiwaneses yet in Network News only one I know that is Filipino. That is Denise Dador. The rest are Vietnameses. The very people the gut-country-club-englischtzes-speaking Filipinos deride with misuse of englischtzes language.

    And who are often quoted in Wall Street Journal? The very same people the gut-country-club-englischt-speaking Filipinos. Were there Filipinos mentioned in Wall Street Journal? Yes, there were. Filipinos and corruption, thieves in one sentence is common.

  30. Renato Pacifico says:

    Sun*Star has decided to take Comments out. It’s there for one to see to make Sun*Star looks like open-journalism. But it’s not. Try clicking on the comments and it says “ACCESS DENIED”

    And they scream FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!!!!!

    HA!HA!HA! Filipinos are doooomed and Doooomer!!!!!

  31. Lucy says:

    Maayong Pasko Diha Renie!!! May you find peace and hapiness this christmas and the coming years!!!

  32. Renato Pacifico says:

    Happy 25th, Happy Holiday!!! , Lucy. Happiness is illusive. Peace, I always have. Yet, so far, I have a disaster-free holiday. It’s a good sign. I’m looking forward of a serene life.

    I used to have a girlfriend named Lucy. She lives in Lilo-an. Her smiles always carries away my anger and hatred to the netherworld. Girls named Lucy always have a rare free-spirited disposition.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you.

    I’m celibate. I practice abstinence. I find sex messy and totally not hygeinic like majority of people are doing. I live a pure monastic way of life 🙂 I’m a dork, neither a geek nor have social graces. I look at sex as procreation not a recreational activity. Most of all I just hate Philippine way of journalism.



  33. Lucy says:

    Hi Renie. I am not sure what are the expectations. I cannot really meet a man by myself because I am married. By the way what is your location? Are you still in the P.I?

  34. Renato Pacifico says:

    I’m here, there and everywhere. Being married doesn’t mean that you cannot see a man outside of marriage. You are not a possession to your husband nor you possess your husband like a chattel. But, just the same, you are right. We, Filipinos, has this conservative way of thinking. And if you’re seen with someone of opposite sex having fun and a good laugh people starts to chatter like jukebox.

    I was married, too. It went down to a crushing disaster. Her officemates started to chatter and intrigue was, most of the time, menu of the day. We’ve had had comfortable life but not wealthy. Just enough money to buy that strikes our fancy. Then people started to talk. Some phantom bitches, started leaving intriguing messages in the voicemail.

    Hey, we are Filipinos! Filipinos are corrosive, toxic and crabby. They don’t want their neighbors and officemates to have more than them.

    I have a son. Tell me about yourself.

  35. Renato Pacifico says:

    Here’s a word of advice. Stop reading Sun*Star, Inquirer or other local and domestic newspapers. Emerse yourselve with New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post and others.

    Watch video feed from America’s news outlet.

    Then go back to our pathetic local and domestic newspapers. Voila! You’ll notice a glaring difference.

    American newspapers has educated me about religion, science, politics and invistigative process MORE THAN THESE low-IQ-3rdworld newspapers who masquerade as literatis and intellectuals.

  36. Lucy says:

    It is clear that you are living in the US. Have you already learned about religion from the US newspaper? I have no idea about the limitations on ethiesm but I hope that you will learn to find the truth about God. Truth is good and I got that idea from you. I believe that you are a very intelligent person but you seem to be wasting it with a wrong belief. The comments that I read from you (not the one that you sent to me) were too scary. I cannot even believe that you were serious about it. I have a friend who got married to an ethiest too and she said that she was always scared whenever her husband spoke. His words were more about hatred. I am sorry Renie if it sounds boring but I am very concern about my friends. I want you to love yourself. You will find happiness and peace living with God. Ask the holy spirit so you can find the truth about the holy trinity. Do this even once a day. I promise I will not talk about religion anymore. Just do it. Thank you.

  37. Renato Pacifico says:

    When you used the “P.I.” in reference to the Philippines is a dead give-away that you are there in America. Filipinos in America either use ” ‘pinas” or “P.I.”.

    Another give-away is the way you write your english. Your delivery of your message is soooo fluid, conversational and not disconnected nor fragmented. If you are not there in AMerica you are highly educated. If you are not highly educated you read plenty of books. Of course, not the Mills & Boones kind or Nancy Drew or Harold Robbins types.

    I thank you for your concern of the spiritual well-being of your friends. Let me say, “heaven is mine”. My action and harangue is not my making but I am a tool of some higher being to tempt and test other believers of their faith. 🙂

    Since I have reason to believe that you are in AMerica, I tell you this, Americans hate waterboarding. Americans are against killing innocents, infirm, disabled, old, pregnant women to kill a few sinners

  38. Renato Pacifico says:

    Allow me to continue … God waterboarded everyone on earth back in the time of Noah when the world was flat and the sun revolves around the earth. The time when the Philippines was in the other side of the world and never heard of Persia and Moses. Yet they were all waterboarded, drowned, killed. In modern day, they call it GENOCIDE!!!!!! GENOCIDE IS AGAINST THE LAW!!! WATERBOARDING is cruel and unusual punishment.

    When American kills, they kill with extreme prejudice. They only kill the guilty. Of course, there are collateral damage.

  39. Renato Pacifico says:

    … Americans, too, save the children of Africa from paying the sins of their fathers’, grandfathers’ and forefathers’. Americans (I forgot the charity name) buy their fathers’ sins in money because Americans don’t like slavery, though they practiced it once before like the people back in the days of Biblical period.

    In modern days, they call it ORIGINAL SIN. Since, God, is a sexist, God punishes women thru birth pains!!! URRRRGH!!!! That’s totally unfair for women. It seems women are the devil in our midst. Right thinking, reasonable people should rally against the punishment of women.

  40. Renato Pacifico says:

    … there will be another grim, attrocious, cruel and unusual punishment … the fire and brimstone in the revelation …

    Since all of the above are not legal in America, churches in America don’t sell these THREATS! Else, Americans will totally stop going to church because of their espousal of CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT.

    Church don’t even mention EVERLASTING FIERY PUNISHMENT IN HELL. Dude, that’s tantamount to TORTURE!!!!!!

  41. Renato Pacifico says:

    So, where are you in America, Lucy?

  42. Lucy says:

    Ay syalan ba na imo gipanulti, Renie. Perte man hadloka. Matood ba na ang panganak punishmnet? Anyway, I wasn’t punished because I don’t have kids. I believe that everybody should experience the pain of the world not just women. How about during the time that your girlfriend left you, that was pain too, right? That means that everybody is punished, but not sure why.

    I have not gone to that part that the world was flat and the sun revolves around the earth. Was there ocean back then? I am wondering how did it look if the earth was flat.

    It must be a previlege if I was in America. I live in the kabukiran of Guadalupe Cebu. Mao nga nagdako jud tawon kos tinughong. You must be lucky Renie that you grow up from a well off family and graduated in college. Did you finish your engineering course at USC? You must be thankful to God about your life.

    Thank you for the few comments about me. It puts smiles on my face.

    How about you, what part of the US do you live? I also believe that you live in the US because you talked about US newspapers and life in the US.

  43. Lucy says:

    Okey, I will tell the truth, because truth is not law-ay. I live in North America by now since I left my kabukiran. I miss the Kaimito, the butong, the nangka, the tsicos, the santol and uban pa.

  44. Renato Pacifico says:

    WoW! I knew it! I knew that you are in America!!!

    Those US newspapers can be accessed thru the net. NYTimes.com, LAtimes.com, MSNBC.com, ABC7.com, ABCNews.com, etc. etc. etc

    Yes, the world then was flat and the sun revolves around the earth. Anyone, then, who proved otherwise were excommunicated by the pope. At that time, excommunication was a nice and polite way of saying you are dead. Fortunately, there was brave courageous Copernicus who showed the world that the Earth revolved around the sun and Magellan proved that the earth was not flat but round.

    Before Magellan proved that the earth was round (by heading west coming back from east) the Vatican’s pope texted Lapu-lapu to excommunicate Magellan. Lapu-lapu ambushed Magellan. Fortunately, Pigafetta, Magellan’s voyage historian escaped on board another Galleon and told King Ferdie that the world was round!

    I know people there in Guadalupe behind the church. One of them is Palmares, who whork in UCPB. The other one is Bitoy the driver. And many more….

  45. Renato Pacifico says:

    I’m not well-off. I’m just living comfortably but not enough money for luxuries. Because I live by myself. I work to pay for my on-line habits. Here, in the Philippines, cable internet is P2,700.00. I pay that much because I spend my time on-line. It’s my friend. My souldmate. My educatioon. My companion. The rest of my pay goes to pay for dried fish and Ramen noodles.

    I ever you come and visit Cebu this Sinulog, I’ll cook you your favorite binignit. I’ll buy you chicos, santol, butong, langka. My neighbors has them. Manungkit lang ko 🙂

    I was in USC-TC (engineering) but I graduated Accounting out of necessity.

    Link up to my e-mail, Lucy. I don’t want Bong Wenceslao to think that his site has become a dating service 🙂

  46. Babes says:

    Sorry for butting in, Renie and Lucy, but I have been monitoring your kukabildo. It is not just because I find your arguments amusing, but because I want to see how this will end. I am not thinking about a blooming romance between you two, far from it, really. (I think Lucy meant well when she reacted to your comments Renie, no romantic inclinations I can see there, sorry to burst your bubble). But you see, I was gonna react to your anti- Christ sentiments, too. Lucy just beat me to it.

    But I do sincerely hope that God will call you soon, just as He did Saul. And when this comes, I know you will be a Christian full of enthusiasm, fervor and integrity. Trust me, your time will come, too.

    Many years ago, I was an atheist. For 10 years I did not believe in God, nor did anything you would consider religious. But no matter how far you run away, in the end, you cannot deny God. You will discover that yourself.

    I don’t think Bong will mind your little word fencing, specially if something good will come out of it at the end. Best regards to both of you. And Lucy, keep up the good work of sharing God with Renie.

  47. Lucy says:

    Thank you Babes. I am sure that there is no Romance. I just feel sorry for Renie and he deserves some words maybe from a Priest. I wish I could spread the good news but I am also limited about it. I think Renie hates himself and he doesn’t know about it. Am I right Ren? I just care for Renie and I care about my friends and my family. I don’t want anybody to suffer the pains of the world. That is even one of my prayers that I hope that people will stop suffering. When I visited the Philippines 3 years ago, I saw a lot of poor Filipinos, they are my neighbors. What do they eat, and if there is not enough food how can they work to earn a living? It was just pain that I saw, and I cannot do anything about it. Giving them money is not a solution as I don’t have enough. On Renie’s side I believe it is not the money that is causing pain. It is his hatred of the world. This hatred will never go away until he realizes the truth. I wish that all of us together with the owner of this site can meet together in the Philippines and we all have fun. I think Renie is a very interesting person to be around with.

  48. Renato Pacifico says:

    Hiya Babe! Thank you for joining in. I like conversing with Filipinos who are intelligent. There are only very few Filipinos who are including columnists and journalists (read my harangue against the illogical, dumb, stupid Ces Drilon news blackout; the 2+4=24 Mayor Isanjani pocketing the ransom money; to their blind unsupported hatred against GMA; Glorietta bumbling news coverage; the 500k Lozada escapade to HK … and plenty more)

    Until now, I haven’t got a decent logical response to my questionining curious mind instead I got BANNED!!! DUH! These idiots! THEY ARE SIMPLY OBLIVIOUS!!!

    Well … your God has not come down knocking on my door yet NEITHER your God knocked on the corrupt’s doors. They still got away with it. Or, God may have helped them. Or, because, simply, there is no God.

    God has forsaken the Philippines if God were true. God has forsaken the rest of the fanatical Roman Catholic countries like Latin America.

    God cannot even protect the parishioners from pick-pockets in Sto. Nino. If you go to Sto. Nino right now you’ll see signs in every station of the cross “Beware of Pick-Pockets”. REALLY!!! Ask Bong Wenceslao and other columnists and journalists!!!


    We are not safe even inside the church. Swindlers, pick-pocketers pray, too for food on the table!!! REALLY!!! And as what God says, “God help those who helpthemselves” So, God help the pickpockets and swindlers in the house of God!!!

    God can also be bribed!!! Marcos has the Sto. Nino Shrine in Tacloban! Durano renovated the Guadalupe Church, ask Lucy!!!

    Durano died a peaceful death and Imelda has their own designer jeans!!! WHAT A CRAP!!! THAT’S TOTALLY UNFAIR!!!!!!

  49. Renato Pacifico says:

    Ooooh!!! Talking about bribing God! You know why Marcos got away with their loot? Because Marcos built the St. Basil Church in Los Angeles! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF LOS ANGELES’ FINANCIAL DISTRICT!!!!

    DAMN, YOU JESUS CHRIST!!! GET UP AND BOOGIE!!!!! SHOW THE CORRUPT YOUR FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!!! I don’t care if you use your power of cruel and unusual punishment on the corrupt BUT USE IT ONLY ON THE CORRUPT not the defenseless children, old, infirm, pregnant women and other defenseless innocent people.

    Cardinal Mahoney of Archdiocese of Los Angeles was mauled by a parishioner because of Cardinal Mahoney’s protecting the CHILD MOLESTING PRIESTS!!! Fortunately, the mauler was not apprehended.

  50. Renato Pacifico says:

    Lucy, thank you for the prayer. According to scientific study by Templeton Research joined by THOUSANDS OF PRIESTS AND NUNS that if a dying person is prayed over IT HASTEN ITS DEATH!!!

    Templeton is a religious person. He used to own Templeton Industries. He invented derivatives before it became a household word. He sold his ownership and use the proceeds to build Templeton Research on religious studies.

    So if someone prays over the Filipino people, you will eventually hasten the sinking of the Philippines! REALLY!!! So many Filipinos been praying that’s the reason we never got out of our muck.

    You are lucky you are in America. Pity us poor pathetic left-behind Filipinos who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, Ramen-noodles-to-Ramen-noodles.

    Babe and Lucy, here’s an article I found yesterday in NYTimes.com
    it’s good reading and eye opener. It says Religious people has more self-control.

    Since Filipinos has no self-control over corruption, therefore, Filipinos are not religious?


  51. Lucy says:

    Renie . I believe that you are not ready to make a change but I still encourage you to pause for a moment and ask the Holy Spirit so you will find the truth. Just wait a little while. I still believe that you are a nice and highly intelligent guy only you wasted it with a wrong belief. You told me that you are just a Filipino trash who cannot say things politely. That is not true because when you talked to me lately you said things very politely.

    I’ll be on vacation for two weeks, I may not have access to computer. I will talk to you later friend. Peace be with you!!!

  52. Babes says:

    Hi Renie,

    I am actually glad that you are very aware of what is going on around you: the sufferings of the people, corruption, poverty and did you say there are pickpockets in Sto. Nino church now? Wow!

    By this, I can tell that you are not a self-centered person and on the contrary, despite your hateful words, you actually care. I had the opportunity to rub elbows with the rich and poor alike in the past, and let me tell you, you will be surprised at how people react to the same situations: it ranges from sympathy to indifference. It takes a lot of emotions to be able to feel other people’s sufferings and a lot of your time to nit-pick every bad thing that happens on a day-to-day basis. And I tell you, there are worse events happening in some other parts of the world right now.

    So where is God? Why is He letting bad things happen to good people, especially the “defenseless children, old, infirm, pregnant women and other defenseless innocent people”? And why is it that bad, corrupt people are more successful, have more money and living more comfortably? Well, I have asked these questions myself before. And it is true; it is not easy to find God in this unbalanced equation. I can’t blame anybody who thinks God does not exist based on these harsh realities. That was exactly my conclusion too, well, many years ago.

    But do you know what is ironic, it was actually during my atheism days that I found God. The oddest place, don’t you think? You see, atheists believe all change as the product of a constant conflict between opposites arising from the internal contradictions inherent in all things. In you and me, for example, life and death is in constant battle. Our body has armies fighting constantly against the germs, virus or bacteria. The result of this contradictions, determines our health. And we will not know what life is if there is no death.

    Around us are a lot of contradictions or opposites, too: poverty and affluence, sadness and joy, hunger and satisfaction, rich and poor, good and bad, and the list goes on and on. And this constant contradiction of opposites is the reason why changes are occurring around us, the reason why civilization has come this far, the reason why saints like Sister Theresa rose up to the challenge, or heroes like Jose Rizal shed their blood.

    How can we appreciate or know the light if we did not know darkness, joy if we did not know sadness, etc. (well, you get my point, right?). This is the reality that we must accept. One cannot live without the other. And it is inherent. It is there, scientifically, since the beginning of time. To know good we must know bad. So evil is a necessary ingredient to the whole contradiction so we would know what is good. To some people, this will sound unfair but the truth is, this is science and a fact we have to live with and use to our advantage.

    Sounds depressing? Well, actually understanding these things is just the beginning. And once you did, things actually get more interesting. That is why I said earlier that I am glad you are so aware of the things around you. It is good since there is nothing left for you to do except to exercise your power of choice. Instead of spending so much emotions on counting the bad things and corrupt people around us, we should embrace these harsh but necessary components of our society so we can plan how to make things better.

    This may sound ironic, but without them or conflict in general, opportunities will be lost for people to become good and do good deeds. Thanks to them and the ongoing contradictions, heroes and saints are born, technology is continually perfected, systems are strengthened, security is intensified, things are discovered, people are always thinking how to make lives better, people have learned the importance of helping one another and the importance of good government, etc. In other words, life has become more interesting and we continue to evolve into a more advance civilization. (Not the cavemen that we once were or did they say we evolved from a bunch of monkeys?!)

    Some countries, like the US, have already gone past these facts and have moved on. By the way, the US dollars have the words “In God We Trust” printed on them. And if you watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel in your cable (Or you can visit their website), you will be surprised that a lot of scientists openly declare their belief in God, too. There has been so much talk about exploring the unknown or what is beyond this universe in the science community that scientist have long started their quest to find a suitable planet to live in when the time comes that our sun will die down. And can you believe that some people have actually bought a piece of land in the moon?

    Well, but in the Philippines, we are still stuck with the name-calling and mud slinging. You are fortunate that you are there and these opportunities are around you. It is all up to you now. You can choose to just talk about it, act upon it or do nothing about it. Life is all about choices, Renie. But whatever it is that you choose to do, keep your fire burning. This world needs people like you. The Philippines needs people like you. Somebody has to tell the truth and knock some sense into our politics and culture. But I hope when you do, it would not be out of anger or hatred but out of love for our country and the people.

    I feel for the Philippines and the Filipinos and just like Lucy, I am doing what I can do to help. Every little act of kindness creates a big ripple. And it is scientific. Trust me, you will be surprised to find God as you go on with this journey. And since you are a smart person, it will be sooner than you thought.

    Let me end by saying that I have personally experienced the powers of a prayer. And long before Templeton had its research, a lot of people have already testified that miracles had happened in their lives because of their prayers. Everybody dies Renie, whether you pray or not. And if you pray, there could only be two answers: Yes or No. And there are times you will receive a NO. So it is not that God did not answer your prayer, He just answered NO and it is up to you to think why the things you have prayed for are not granted so you can do something about it. In my own experience NO had made me a better person than the YES answer that I received for my prayers.

    I thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with you. It has been a long time since I wrote something this long. And it is very comforting to know that people who care about other people (like you and Lucy) exist. I would not mind meeting you and Lucy the next time I visit the Philippines. It would be truly interesting indeed. ☺

    Happy New Year and thanks Bong for being tolerant!

  53. Babes says:

    By the way, God has not forsaken the Philippines. It is the people that have forsaken God. Instead of embracing God’s goodness, they chose to embrace evil. I hope you will choose the path that God had laid out for you. Don’t confuse faith in God with religion. God did not establish religion. The people did. And for a long time, it has been a tool used to oppress people.

    Condemn religion and its ugly head, if you must. Expose the evils lurking within our churches. The more you do it, the more you will realize that God has been made a victim by these evil people. That people have lost their faith in God because these instruments of darkness have clouded the people’s minds by doing despicable acts in HIS name.

    It does not matter where you live Renie. May it be America, Africa, China or Philippines. You cannot escape the battle between good and evil. (nor the unity of opposites for that matter) You just have to do the best you can to tilt the balance of power in God’s favor.

    People in the US have their own sets of problems. There is still homelessness, poverty, etc. Everywhere you go in this world, problems exist. The intensity might vary from one place to another, but they are there. And believe it or not, if you see these things, it will make you appreciate your own country. So don’t consider yourself unfortunate that you are living in the Philippines. Instead of feeling sorry, we should think of how to make things better in our country. It might be an uphill struggle, but somebody has to start it. America did not become a powerful country overnight. It has endured years of civil wars to come this far. We might be way behind, and we don’t learn our lessons well, but I know if we start loving our own country instead of cursing it to the dogs, we will get there.

    Please think about it. Thanks.

  54. Lucy says:

    Not for Sinulog Ren. That was our pevious plan but the hotels in Cebu were all full. We are just driving from state to state in the US and when it gets dark we rest in a hotel. We plan to go to Cebu after the Sinulog though.

    • Jinggo says:

      i came across your exchange of ideas – put in harsh words at times – just today. it catches my attention and i wanted to read everything so i can know everything and perhaps understand the psyche of the involved.

      i don’t know where will it end and HOW it will end.

      this is what i can say, especially to renie or rene? every person knows what is good. i think this is given in each individual. why is that so? i believe it is because the creator (whatever you conceive him to be and call him) did the creation in order. and this sense of order built in each one makes us realize that the world outside is in dire need of it. the world is full of people who do not sense this need. at the same time, the world is full of people who are gifted with sensing this need. and to some, the sensation brings them pain. and for a few more, it prompts them to action.

      so many sayings had been said about this. there is the song “it is better to light just one little candle than to stumble in the dark. . . which actually is also said by the chinese in their saying “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” one writer in the new testament says to this effect: actions without words are nothing.

      but it is gandhi’s line which i like most and which – in my little way – i am trying to work out. gandhi said “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT THE WORLD TO BE.” thus, if you want a better philippines or perhaps a better citizenry, be such.

      it is useless barking at the ignorance of people or at their corrupt nature – or anything/anyone for that matter. just like anyone of us in this blog, none among us will change upon the promptings of the other/s; not even any situation in life. for authentic change happens only when the person concerned sees and feels the need to do so.

      be the change you want the world to be.

      june 3, 2009

  55. Tagabukid says:

    Naunsa na baya nang inyong topic oy!!!

  56. Renato Pacifico says:


  57. brix sonia says:

    ang ganda ng blog …mabuhay ka kaibigan…mamahayag…
    mabuhay ang tunay na adhikain ng makademokratikong mamahayag…

  58. Vince says:

    Interesting blogs on current events.
    When you get a chance, drop by http://www.philippinebeat.com for news and current events talk.

  59. joycee says:

    what was the analysis of these poems.. burger steak..? and what was the implication of this poems..? and can you give a poems that related to the cebuano people and can you give an anlysis??
    pls..pls… i need it tommorow!!! thank you!!!

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