Song Lyrics to Appreciate

One of the reasons why the popular “Bisrock” genre is dying is because the Cebuano rock bands failed to appreciate the importance of lyrics in crafting songs. Many of them just couldn’t get out of what has become the formulaic lyrics with double meanings and vulgar songs.

Poetry in the lyrics makes the song timeless. Consider some of my favorites:

“Burnt out ends, of smoky days. The stale, cold smell of morning. A street lamp dies, another night is over. Another day is dawning.” (From the song “Memory,” version of Barry Manilow.)

“And when it seems my dreams have all slipped through my fingers, when they just can’t be found, I turned around and there they are, shining in her eyes.”
(From “Come What May” by Air Supply)

“I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses, for tonight, I sleep in a bed of nails.”
(From “Bed of Roses” by Bon Jovi)

“Matud nila, ikaw dili malipay kay wa akoy bahandi nga kanimo igasa. Gugmang putli mao ray pasalig, maoy bahanding labaw sa bulawan.”
(From “Matud Nila” by Ben Zubiri)

“Daw dahon nga laya, napulak, napadpad. Sama sa damgo nga, sa pagmata, nahanaw.”
(From “Dahon nga Laya” written by Saturnino Villarino)

There are many other samples. You can add yours if you want.


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