Colon at Night 2

I like the inputs of some readers of this blog to the article about Colon. This just means this blog attracts educated and profound readers that makes discussion of subjects interesting.

Near that strip at the corner of Colon and Osmena Blvd. is the corner of Colon and Pelaez Sts. and a few meters away the corner of Pelaez and Sanciangko Sts. In that part of Pelaez are two hotels and some night spots. I usually pass that area to and from Colon.

Pimps and prostitutes are regular fare there at night. At the night spots you often see Caucasians who are most probably clients of the hotel. They can be mostly seen with local women, obviously picked up from among the prostitutes in the place.

I sometimes see a few of the Caucasians at certain times making conversation with young boys that looked like street children. My worry, of course, is that these kids would be victimized by pedophiles.

It was in Pelaez at night that I saw for the first time this cart pushed by a man that sold a kind of seafood in a shell. It must be already cooked and the hard portion had to be broken before the meat could be eaten or brought home. I reckon that it was expensive, but the enticement could be that it was an aphrodisiac.

Colon and its neighboring streets have the look that gives strangers the creeps at night. But that is only on the surface. Tarry longer and the uneasiness disappears.


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