Pier Uno

I finally set foot inside the JSU-PSU Mariners Court at Pier 1 for the San Miguel Corp. party for media people on December 4. Going there triggered memories of my early days in the profession.

I was still in college when I started working part-time for radio station dyLA. I think that was in 1979 after I trained at the now defunct Broadcast Production Training Center. The dyLA studio was at the Arellano Boulevard site in the Associated Labor Union’s Ybarrita Hall.

DyLA later transferred in the early ’80s to the Vimcontu Building at the other side of Pier 1 near the Waterfront Police Station. I worked there in 1981 starting as a news transcriber and later as reporter and finally news director. I quit when I had a conflict when then station manager Emil Fortuna.

The JSU-PSU building stands in the area that was once partly a tennis court. That means that it drastically changed the landscape of the compound. The Vimcontu building already looks incongruous in this setup. DyLA has transferred to the JSU-PSU building.

The third floor window had a good view of a portion of the pier. I was reminded that I used to spend a good amount of time traveling to my home place Camotes. I miss those days. I miss the salty smell of the sea and miss just watching the waves roll.


2 Responses to Pier Uno

  1. pinoyapache says:

    The whole pier area was my playground in my pre-adolescent years. In there, I learned how to swim, thanks to a pushing hand. It is my school (of hard knocks). You may appreciate better of this article of mine about Cebu Harbor and its salty smell: http://pinoyapache.blogspot.com/2007/11/murky-future-for-mactan-channel.html

  2. rev.roy says:

    I still remember DYLA in ALU-VIMCUMTU areal when Msgr.Dakay was still the manager and BPTC under the support of the german Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Leo has still withhold his creativity when he started KASAYURANG KINUYKUYAN and with our news team.But where is now noy Emil?

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