Gilbert Teodoro’s ‘Sin’

Who is Gilbert Teodoro, the standard bearer of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD coalition for the 2003 elections? We know that he is currently the secretary of national defense. But in 2003 when he was still a member of the House of Representatives, he, together with Rep. William Felix Fuentebella filed an impeachment complaint against the then Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr., a Cebuano.

The filing was done on Oct. 23, 2003, four months after another impeachment complaint was filed by former president Joseph Estradaagainst Davide and seven other Supreme Court associate justices. The 1987 Constitution states that only one impeachment complaint can be filed against a government official within one year.

The Erap complaint was for culpable violation of the Constitution, betrayal of public trust and other high crimes. It was related to the blessing given by Davide and the SC associate justices to the assumption of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to the presidency following Erap’s ouster by Edsa II. But the one initiated by Teodoro and Fuentebella was more sinister because it insinuated that Davide, a respected Cebuano, is corrupt.

The congressmen led by Teodoro and Fuentebella accused Davide of misusing the Judiciary Development Fund. But that was for many people only a front. The belief was that Teodoro’s uncle, Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco was behind the move to ensure that a Supreme Court friendly to him would decide the pending cases relative to his acquisition of wealth under the Marcos regime. Teodoro and the core of the pro-impeachment solons were members of Cojuangco’s Nationalist Peoples Coalition.

As the late senator Raul Roco said at that time, the congressmen pushing for the impeachment of Davide were simply out to oust him and were scrounging for sins they could throw against him. Of course, the impeachment complaint initiated by Teodoro and Feuntebella did not go anywhere considering its unconstitutional nature. But it did besmirch the reputation of one of the best leaders that Cebu has produced.

By the way, another presidentiable, Francis “Chiz” Escudero signed the impeachment complaint. I find this interesting because it showed that Teodoro and Escudero will do the bidding of Cojuangco come hell or high water. To paraphrase Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s worry about another Erap presidency: God save this country from the likes of Teodoro and Escudero.


5 Responses to Gilbert Teodoro’s ‘Sin’

  1. I will answer this in my best knowledge

    The best answer to that is that’s why YOU are FILING a CASE… to give then Former CJ Davide the opportunity to CLEAN his name amidst allegations of corruption. Institutionally, that is the best way you can allow a person of institutional importance, the opportunity to be heard by a fair, just tribunal.

    Filing a case does not mean he is guilty by criminal liability, it only means that the allegations affect his performance of duty, because of the required credbility of the position he holds, affected by this incident. Plus, you SPONSOR a case BASED on the premise that there is sufficiency in form and substance for the case to be tried, but does not presume the guilt of CJ Davide in that matter.

    That will have to be tried by a separate court, and not the impeachment court.

    The knock on those who are accused is that once they are accused of such case in the proper forum, they always answer “it is politically motivated”, instead of answering the issue head on.

    • cebuano says:

      That is the most convenient way out for people with malicious minds. Give the accused a chance to answer? Tell that to the Marines. Had Teodoro and his ilk gotten the number, Davide would have been history—ignominously kicked out of the Court. Here’s an example: I will accuse you of robbing something even without basis and blotter it with the police. Before you can answer somebody reads the blotter and everybody thinks you are a robber even before you can answer the accusation. What would you feel? Your logic, which is the same as the one being used by Cebuano congressmen who supported Davide’s impeachment, does not wash.

  2. peter_parker says:

    sir, we live in a democracy and our justice system works with the principle that a person is innocent till proven guilty.. yes perceptions may be different but that is who the justice system works.. now , the non davide, being the jusrist that he is, welcomed the filling.. as mentioned by one of the replies on ur post, a case is a chance for the person to clean his name.. now as you said, they did not have the numbers. that meant the accusations were lacking in evidence and was the complaint rehashed like what has been happening to the gloria impeachments? no.. i am for gibo, even if i may have not liked his actions on the davide impeachment, but that is better than having it said in a press conference then not file a case like some persons.. i am for gibo because, he is the only presidential aspirant who has a solid platform and has concrete programs.. which are easily evaluated if he wins, rather than saying
    “i will consult the people.” i am for gibo because i know who i am voting for.. i am not voting for someone who evokes the spirit of EDSA for political purposes and behaves as though it is their own personal legacy..

    • cebuano says:

      Platforms? Since when has a candidate followed his platform after winning? And since when has the people made the winning candidate account for his platform? Everything is forgotten after the elections? You are for Gibo? Good for you. You’ll get Gloria and Danding’s people as icing. I’d rather vote for somebody who evokes the spirit of Edsa than someone who evokes the spirit of Gloria.

  3. Evelina Patino says:

    Jesus Christ has fulfilled and will fulfill all the promises He has said in His Word, the Bible. May I ask if you have read the Bible from cover to cover? I don’t think you can say that corrupt politicians have a better batting average if you do not know the promises and how they have and will be fulfilled. One day, you will get down on your knees and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. This is one thing that is sure. May Jesus who loves you and died for you have mercy on you despite your blasphemy.

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