No Resolution Yet in Tudela Conflict

The political impasse in Tudela town is over. All’s well that ends well? You wish Former mayor Demetrio Granada said he would leave the legislative building his group is occupying after the Commission on Elections (Comelec) resolved—at last—the issue on who is the Municipal Government’s chief executive. Smooth return to normalcy?

Mayor Rogelio Baquerfo just couldn’t resist making drama out of the un-dramatic on his full re-assumption of his post. Or perhaps he is just insecure. He wanted the police to escort him, like our town is a battle zone. While Granada is hardheaded at times, he and his group are not known to be violent, even when they fought the Duranos in 1985.

I doubt, though, if a return to normalcy is possible in the next few months going into next year’s elections. What will Baquerfo do, for example, to the employees who openly sided with Granada during the impasse? On the other hand, will the Municipal Council, which is not under Baquerfo’s control, block every Baquerfo initiative?

Tudela is one of the gentlest towns there is, so much so that I used it as setting of two of my published works of fiction. In Kanmanok hill where my father roamed as a child, I would look for a vantage point and sit down to admire the view of the wrinkled sea and the poblacion from afar. Politics, it seems, is ruining the town’s overall serenity.
(I wrote this for my July 17 “Candid Thoughts” column in Sun.Star Cebu)


3 Responses to No Resolution Yet in Tudela Conflict

  1. tuktugaok says:

    ikay insecure! humana gi-ambush si mayor baquerfo sa tawo ni demet maayo intawong pagkabuslot sa iyang sakyanan.,karon mahibulong ka kung nganong aduna siya bodyguard? you’re so stupid! ig unsa man kang demet?

  2. leomel florentino says:


    One of the cause of having any political related dispute in the town of tudela like the one you mentioned above is the act of each group’s supporter where he/she like to be known that he/she is a a real supporter. And the depressing part was that we don’t know if those bad acts made by supporter/s were really came from their leader.

    There’s no such good leader that would teach his follower a bad one.

    We have to stop thinking and acting that we have to support to whom we think right before we know the reality . Let’s keenly evaluate a real good governance. If found, then it’s the time for us to provide support.


  3. Anti-Baquerfo says:

    to Tuktugaok or likely be also named as Putak-Putak…

    As i can recall years back 2001 in a bgry fiesta in Daan-Secante, i think that was also his 1st term as mayor in Tudela. He was the guest of honor during that coronation night. I observed that policemen in Tudela where also there as an SOP to maintain peace and order during the celebration.

    When it was the time for Baquerfo to speech, so disgusting to see while this mayor walks from the middle of the basketball court going to the stage where a bodyguard with shotgun gasunod-sunod ni Baquerfo, Huh!!! a BOOOHHHH outside shouted by some people showing distaste of what he did….Imagine a Peaceful fiesta unya ing-ato iya gubuhat may gasunod na bodyguard…so meaning “INSECURE” kaayo siya even if policement where there…

    Ever since sa history sa Tudela, murag siya pa nakabuhat ana na dunay bodyguard w/ shotgun nagsunod…Hambugero jud kaayo tawhana…

    Hinoon…proven and tested naman na ang pagka-isog ni Demet tungod rapod siguro kay Retired Army Captain pod gud na siya…no need nana niya ang duna magsunod-sunod na bodyguard na duna armas…mga supporters nuon naay daghan…

    You Tuktugaok…unsa naman pod imu Putak-putak against Demet?

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