Manunggal Trek 2009

Balamban Councilor Dave Karamihan sent me an e-mail reminding me that my favorite annual ritual, the Manunggal Trek is already just around the bend.

Here’s Dave:

“It’s that time of the year again. Manunggal na pud. March 14-15 ta this year. Saturday and Sunday. San Miguel Beer will still sponsor the night entertainment. Mas maayo unta kun daghan ang mga campers nga moapil og kanta sa stage o pasi-aw ba o sayaw like before.

“We’re still doing the on the spot painting contest along Barangays Gaas and Magsaysay. The response to the activity was great so we decided to hold it again.

“We decided not to hold the airsoft competition this year due to the logistic and funding requirements. Global recession man so mag tipid ta og gamay.

“We will still be doing the adventure race. It will be on its fourth year this year. But instead of the usual team race with control points, we will be experimenting on a climathon (climb-athon) so we can get the locals to join. A climathon is an individual marathon that traverses a predetermined route (a map will be given to the participants in advance). The route can pass through paved roads and mountain trails. The race would be on the 14th to start off at Mt. Manunggal and end up in Mt. Manunggal.

“The mountain bike challenge is still on for the 15th.

“I have been going to Mt. Manunggal the past days and it seems the road has been badly damaged by nonstop rains since November last year. We have not had a good enough weather that lasted at least a week so we are a bit concerned about the condition of the road. Anyway, just tell your mates to be prepared to walk. Hey, that’s how everybody started with the Manunggal Trek anyway.”

Those interested to join us, the faithful, please note the activities and the dates. More updates and Manunggal-related articles later on.


2 Responses to Manunggal Trek 2009

  1. Elmer says:

    Would it be possible for someone to go go google maps and place markers on all the mountains identyfying the names of the mountains? I have a friend tyring to find where Babag ridge and Coconut Hill are located… and also Go Chan Hill. What is the name of the mountain just to the west of PBN, Nivel Hills? What is the name of the mountain to the right at the end of Cebu Veterans Highway?

  2. pinoyapache says:

    Take note that the Cebu Mountaineering Society will be cleaning people’s leftover garbage a week after, which is on March 21 to 22. We have done this for four years now. We collected 80+ in ’06, then 40+ in ’07 and then 20+ last year. We hope that we will collect less with the help of our environmental-awareness signages which we put up last year with the help of Ayala Mall, the Municipality of Balamban, DENR and the barangay council of Magsaysay.

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