Poem: A Promise (For Cathy)

This feeling, friend

Is etched by the constancy of surf

Upon the solidity of rocks.

This, being in the heart

Mocks the moments

And defies time’s rigid rule.

Think not, therefore, of my intention

As mere scribbling on the sand

Of life’s shifting shores.

It is, I assure

As enduring as the outpouring of wonder

Painted in the caves

Of an innocent age.

(I found this in my folder for the Palanca Writers Workshop I attended in June 1996. I wrote this for a girl, obviously, that I courted at that time. Sadly, I never kept that promise.)


5 Responses to Poem: A Promise (For Cathy)

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  2. cathy ruiz says:

    kumusta bong. alvin, who is obviously a fan of your site, directed me here. this girl, who has my name, was probably too young and immature to appreciate the value of your promise and too scared to deal with deep emotions. it remains a powerful poem, defying time’s rule… write on

  3. cebuano says:


    I agree nga this remains to be a powerful poem, because it was written when a powerful emotion overcame me. Kada basa nako, makahinumdum ko adto nga time nga maingon nakong bittersweet. That girl remains in my heart like the others nga I genuinely loved but who unfortunately I lost for one reason or another. I remember the good moments together, no matter how fleeting. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Marvejhon says:

    wonderful poem outder!but sad to say that girl (cathy)was wasnt ment for you…Life must go on!God bless…

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