When my paisano Boboy told me months ago that Reca, wife of old friend Earl, was sick with cancer, I was momentarily speechless. I decided not to text Earl to ask for more information because I considered how awkward it would have been for him to do so. And I am not good at discussing matters like this.

It was only weeks after, when I got a chance to talk with Tition, that I gathered enough courage to text Earl. Reca’s illness had gotten worse and she needed our prayers. It’s just unfortunate that unlike Tition, Malel and Reca’s cousin Carol, I am not Manila-based. So I am not given the chance to visit her.

Any youth-student activist would be lying if they will say that part of the lure of the movement was being able to interact with the opposite sex. On our part (my close friends and I), we were not vocal about it but our actions, in those golden years of student activism in Cebu (1979-1984), betrayed what was on our minds (or okay, hearts).

We were from Southwestern University, which had our own pretty activists. But us boys were also attracted to those from St. Theresa’s College and University of San Carlos. One of them was Reca, who was not only beautiful and soft-spoken, but at that time were ideologically advanced than us. Thus, at least for me, Reca conjured both admiration and respect.

Of course, as activists’ understanding of the cause deepens, they go beyond sexual concerns and becomes obsessed with the struggle. I would meet Reca for the last time at a particular life-changing period for me, when I decided to work full-time for the movement. It was during that time when I stayed in a rented house somewhere in Inayawan, Cebu City.

I didn’t have a chance to work with Reca for long because our paths diverged. But we products of that wave of activism, when we held rallies and other protest actions under the shadow of Ferdinand Marcos’ martial law, have developed a bond that time and tumultuous events could not break. Thus, I feel for Reca, although I am confident of her inner strength. And Earl’s too.


5 Responses to Reca

  1. Renato Pacifico says:

    NO! DON’T PRAY FOR RECA!!! It will hasten her death!!!

    In Templeton religious research conducted and participated by 1,000 nuns and priests showed that praying over a sick person aggravate its condition. It’s a scientific finding that the church don’t even want to take a peek of its research.

    Templeton was founder of Templeton Investment and Industries. Templeton was into hedge fund before it became a household investment tool. He is very religious. He sold this company and the proceeds built the Templeton Research.

    One of the research is the above. Templeton didn’t hide their findings. Templeton published them. If it were the Vatican, you’ll never see the shadow of the research.

  2. Renato Pacifico says:

    If it’s scientific it can mean that imperical study done over and over again the result is the same.

  3. lito v. says:

    After knowing Reca’s condition early June this year, I decided to extend my stay in Manila for one day to attend the benefit concert organized for her on June17.

    Joey Ayala, Noel Cabangon and other artists were there to perform. The sharing done by Reca’s family, friends and colleagues gave me a glimpse of her life.

    I started my youth activism in 1985, I did not met her then but only years later.

    On her way out of the concert venue, I shook hands with Reca who in turn asked me “naa lagi ka?” probably not expecting somebody from Cebu to be there. I was at a loss for words, just holding her hand a bit longer.

    When I went back to our head office, sleep escaped me, thus I decided to leave early for the airport, all the while admiring Reca’s inner strength she showed that evening and through the stories others shared.

  4. lito v. says:

    Reca passed away at 1:05am November 30. Let’s pray for her eternal rest.

  5. Evan K. says:

    I can’t believe it! I’m too stunned for words. She will be sorely missed, that is for sure.

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