Poem: Sentry

When it’s your turn, you wait

Until the morning star

Is close to the moon.


You sit

Tap the trigger guard

Slap the mosquitoes

Squint in the dark

At the vast expanse

Of rugged land, gloomy air

That is Bocawe.


The eyelids droop

At times.


But Do Peryong’s hut

Is filled with a dozen snores

And the blackboard

Leans undisturbed

On the bamboo wall.


Then you remember you’re god

At least for the night.


And gods should stay awake.


–Candido O. Wenceslao


6 Responses to Poem: Sentry

  1. Mer Pints says:

    yes everyone passing through this road called life…

  2. paul sakuraba says:

    Sir Bong, yes, yesterday has passed but you can try and take the man out of the mountain but you cannnot take the mountain out of the man.

    Be vigilant, Sir “Sentry” Bong. As always 🙂

    See you around Don Pedro Cui “back door” 😀

  3. pinoyapache says:

    nicely done sir…of being a god for the night…

  4. delora sales says:

    Hi Bong, stumbled on your page. So you write poetry now? Missing Cebu and the writing times there and the people.

  5. cebuano says:

    Delora, asa na ka dapit nagtikawtikaw? Wa na ko’y balita nimo da. If you read there, share your experiences.
    Tigsuwat baya kog poems, pero nasaag lang ko sa journalism. Karon, naglisod na gyod nuon ko og suwat og poem.
    Ikaw, kumusta imong poems? Share sad.

  6. cathy ruiz says:

    i hear the crickets singing and feel the cold of deep night… such a heavy burden on the sentry, that of securing the life of comrades.

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