Writing Tudela’s History

If I sometimes neglect this blog, don’t fret. That means I am preoccupied with something more noble, which is writing the “definitive” history of the birthplace of my father, the town of Tudela. The time consumed by this endeavor is no joke, so I have to be away from this blog from time to time.

I have traveled far back into the past, in a place I didn’t trudge on even when I was still a student. Now I am more proud of our heritage because I understand better. The archipelago was not a primitive place when Ferdinand Magellan and Antonio Pigafetta set foot on our soil. The islands were home to thriving villages.

And the Camotes group of islands, composed of Poro, Ponson and Pacijan, was not just rocky and uninhabited. The old settlements in Poro island were those in Maktang in what is now Poro town and Tag-anito in what is now Tudela town.

An interesting point is the fact that much of the practices Filipinos have now have not changed much through the years. Even centuries of Spanish rule failed to make a dent on these practices described in detail by Spanish chroniclers. These have not been discussed at length in our schools, though.

I have seen with my own eyes some of the artifacts dug up by pot hunters in Maktang and was amazed at the find: Chinese porcelain ware, tooth dotted with gold, jewelry, etc. This just shows how extensive the contact of our ancestors had been with Chinese and Muslim traders.

In my research, I came into some of the works of Roel Orillo of Barangay Puertobello in Tudela town (he is now residing in Manila). Orillo tried to come up with a narrative of how the town came into being. He based his writings on translations of records at the National Archives written in Spanish.

This is an exciting, though taxing, work, that is why I am obsessed.


4 Responses to Writing Tudela’s History

  1. gaga wenceslao angus says:

    Yeah-Tudela’s charm is also deeply imbedded in my heart and i think i am very fortunate that i have the memories of the 70’s and 80’s Tudela- the first town in Camotes with 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.electric power, the first to have decorative lamps (which is not overpriced of course) lining at the seawall; where the “bolinaws” can just be caught at the seashore, the clean Sabang Beach which was so crowded during San Juan, the politicos who were respected but not envied, the lumboys at Banderahan and the mytique of the Parola and of course the very proud Cantomaro (Lolo Juan’s haven).

  2. gaga wenceslao angus says:

    …and going back to your “vision and mission”, It seems there is a Fr. Wiertz reincarnate (bless his soul): fall in love with the place unconditionally and just wanted to protect it and to bring it back to the glory that was TUDELA. Good luck to your noble intentions.

    My husband and I are excited of the idea. And yes, it will take a lot of researches and contributions from true blooded Tudelanhons.

  3. Isles Tech says:

    Good luck Sir 🙂 Ako wa pa gyod tawon kasugod paras Daanbantayan.

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