Happy New Year to All!

Another year is about to end, and that means a new one is just around the bend. A door is closed, a new opens, so they say. I am actually poor at making predictions, so the best thing that I can do now is to say my thanks and then express my hopes.

At least both the country and my family survived in 2007 despite the economic crunch and the political turmoil. That should be consolation enough, although it could be seen in a negative light–a sign that 2008 will be another year of trying to survive.

The rising cost of living has devalued our salaries, making the budgeting difficult. This is specially so for my wife and me whose kids are growing, increasing family spending. That means we will have to find other ways to earn, or else next year will be a period of more borrowing, which is not good.

But then again, when we look forward, we should use our faith as binoculars. No matter what the difficulties are, solutions will surely present themselves to us. That’s faith. As long as we believe God is with us, there’s nothing to fear about 2008. On that note, I greet all blog visitors a prosperous New Year.

-Bong Wenceslao, December 29, 2007 


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