President Arroyo, Most Corrupt?

Here is another argument against dumb questions formulated by survey firms getting senseless answers from their respondents. It’s not that I think President Arroyo is spotless. But when a Pulse Asia Survey (October 30-31) said that President Arroyo is more corrupt than Ferdinand Marcos, I almost fell off my seat.

Who was it that said that a little knowledge is dangerous? When you ask the uninformed a silly question, it follows that he/she will give you a stupid answer. I won’t ascribe any motive to Pulse Asia, although there are rumors it is being used as a propaganda tool by the political opposition, but firms that claim to be scientific should not have formulated a question that would invite an unenlightened answer.

Asking respondents who they think is the most corrupt president since 1965 presupposes that the one questioned lived through the period mentioned, has enough knowledge of the extent of corruption committed by each president and more importantly understands what corruption is. Or does Pulse Asia want to be like those TV stations that ask man-on-the-street questions about topics people on the street don’t know about?

I was a young man lapping up all the information I could get in the waning years of the Marcos regime. And I assure you no succeeding president can ever compare with the kind of plunder of the government coffers that Ferdinand and his cronies committed. At the end of his reign, Marcos was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most corrupt, hoarding billions of dollars in people’s money.

The truth is, this country plunged economically from being second only to Japan in Asia to trudging the behinds of other countries because of the rapacious ways of Marcos and his cronies. Thus, to say that any of the succeeding presidents is more corrupt is to be ignorant of the history of this country. And if one is ignorant, why did Pulse Asia ask them the question in the first place?

This just shows the quality of the survey firms we have in this country. They give surveys a bad name.

–Bong Wenceslao, December 12, 2007


5 Responses to President Arroyo, Most Corrupt?

  1. alvin dizon says:

    Misuse of the powers of government is widespread at every level of the Arroyo regime. GMA is not only the most corrupt of all Philippine presidents in recent history, she is also the no. 1 violator of human rights. During the two decades of Martial rule in the country under Marcos, about 1,000 victims of political killings were recorded. Under Arroyo’s six years in office, 800 liquidations have been reportedly committed. The leader of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Archbishop Angel Lagdameo lamented that “in a democratic country such as ours, the prime culprits of human rights violations are the public servants and elected officials.”

  2. They can’t blame me if I don’t trust surveys. If I have an opportunity to ask the respondents of the survey by pulse asia, i would have asked them: how do you qualify a corrupt leader?

    The survey is intended to discredit the present administration. It poisons the mind of the people. How will we grow if government mistrust prevails?

  3. Dante Esguerra says:

    Be true to yourself. Who among the Filipino people eats a good meal more that 3 times a day nowadays? Or in every piece of what people can save, they ought to save. Even the smallest (valueless) coin is to be saved. Why do we do this? Why is there a need to go abroad and choose a course which in one way or another, you don’t really like to take up.? Why in the world will people like me work hard,clean and true just to earn a living and as for my works, i haven’t been receiving the rightful reward? Wasn’t it enough that i graduated valedictorian and cumlaude and work with 100%no corruption? the answer is – BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING THE REAL LIFE OF POVERTY. No matter how you work hard not only for yourself, your future but also for your love ones, you tend to fall because the pillars (which is the world you’re in and the people leading you-the government) on which you were holding on is weaker than a plastic chair. And it is a shame that in the future when i will be having sons and daughters, grandchildren of my own, i will be showing them, telling them, living with them an even worse life than what I’m feeling right now.

  4. Renato Pacifico says:

    Is GMA the most corrupt? Or is that how the coin-operated pekeng-peryodista painted GMA without evidences that stuck?

    Let me see now, coin-operated pekeng-peryodistas love to protect the tisoys and tisays, the mestizos and mestizas here’s how I arrive at the conclusion.

    Terrorist is bad for economy. Ayala is the doyen of Philippine business. CIA, FBI, Mossad, Australian and Chinese intelligence, thru scientific findings, it was some fart-fakked boiler that exploded. But Ayala insisted it was terrorist.

    Did the coin-operated pekeng-peryodistas redicule Ayala of his angle? NO!!! ZERO!!! ZILCH!!!! NADA!!!!

    Makati Business Club was soooo concerned that they allso invistigated. Did we hear any from coin-operated pekeng-peryodistas on follow-up reports?/??? NO!!! ZERO!!! ZILCH!!! NADA!!!

    Did they redicule Makati Business Club???? NO!!! ZILCH!!! NADA!!!!

    But when it comes to brown-skin, punked nose aborigine Filipinos all hell break loose. May it be GMA, Sabio (pekeng-peryodistas ferociously covered Sabio but not MERALCO because MERALCO is owned by the tisoys and tisays) and others ……





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