Not Only President Arroyo to Blame

Aside from President Arroyo, who are the other individuals and sectors to blame for the scuttling of whatever Edsa 2 stood for because of the executive clemency granted to pardon of ousted president Joseph Estrada?

First is the political opposition, who reinvigorated Erap politically by using his money and his popularity with a chunk of the so-called the masses to achieve its political goals. Members of the opposition allowed Estrada to survive politically even while in detention by propping up his image and glossing over the plunder case and other irregularities he committed during his rule. Without them, Erap would have become a political non-entity, what with his ouster, jailing and the case filed against him.

Special mention to former vice president Teofisto Guingona, who was the first to accuse Estrada of committing irregularities that eventually led to his impeachment. Also Senate President Manny Villar who, as House speaker, helped maneuver to bring the impeachment complaint against Erap to the Senate for trial. By gravitating towards Estrada, they strengthened the illusion of his political strength, the most important point that President Arroyo considered in granting him pardon.

Second are the militants, whose tactical alliance with the political opposition has diluted their stand against Erap. They were among the most active in the effort to oust then President Estrada but because they shifted their target to President Arroyo, they consciously or unconsciously propped up Erap’s political fortunes.  This is the reason why their opposition to the granting of pardon to Erap, if they ever opposed it, was either muted or didn’t sound believable. That took away pressure from President Arroyo.

Third is the so-called civil society that includes former president Cory Aquino and other supposedly respected individuals. Their hatred of President Arroyo weakened their resolve to make Erap pay for the plunder and abuses he committed during his rule. They forgot that the integrity of the judicial system also needed protection.

-Bong O. Wenceslao, October 31, 2007 


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