Glorietta Blast: Accident?

Since probers have still to find bomb fragments in the blast site at the Glorietta mall, the accident angle has not been dismissed yet, which is interesting considering that American and Australian cops and foreign forensic and petrochemical experts are helping in the investigation. Outsiders are obviously interested only in unearthing terrorist plots. Glorieta Mall Blast

This development should worry speculators, which includes me. Many of us could just not help throwing around our theories about the blast even before investigators could finish their job. The general route followed was that Glorietta was bombed, after which speculators diverged on who was behind it. What if it was an accident? Let us see:

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV will be the biggest liar. This was the same man who accused Armed Forces Chief Hermogenes Esperon and National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales of bombing Glorietta ostensibly to divert attention away from the scandals the Arroyo administration is facing. He said he got that from his “sources.”

If the investigation finds Trillanes to be lying, whom should we blame for the mistake, the senator or his “sources”? Let us be kind to the so-called “sources” that might even be non-existent. Blame should be on Trillanes for making such an irresponsible statement before all facts are in and for relying on “sources” without checking the info.
I thought this was a terrorist hit and even wrote about it in my blog, although I was not definite about it. Many other speculators raised the same terrorist angle. So if it will be proven that the Glorietta blast was an accident, we all would be scratching our heads. More so that bloke who claimed the hit for the Rajah Solaiman terrorist group.

And it should give a lesson to all speculators that unfortunately abound in this country. We seem to derive pleasure in throwing around theories about every topic even if these lack basis in fact either to show off or to advance political and other ends. This tends to muddle the quest for truth, which, as in the Glorietta blast probe, is not amusing.

But before speculators cry foul, let me clarify that I am prefacing this with “if it will be proven that the blast was an accident.” Admittedly, the probe is still going on and who knows the pendulum will again swing to the bombing angle. As National Capital Region Police Office Chief Geary Barias said, “Anything is still possible at this time.”

I also do not see the wisdom of following the suggestion of President Arroyo’s critics to create an independent body that will look into the Glorietta blast. It is even good that government immediately dismissed the idea, as doing it will politicize the probe. The investigation is already transparent as it is, especially with the entry of foreign experts.

Politicizing the Glorietta incident will be unfair to the victims and their families. Stories about them have already been told on TV and in print and in the Internet, and these tug at the core of our being. Politicians and those with dubious agenda should mine whatever is left of their humanity and not use the incident for their own ends.

I wrote this for my October 24, 2007 column for Sun.Star Cebu 


One Response to Glorietta Blast: Accident?

  1. powershift says:

    Antonio Trillanes has always been seeking media attention. His “blast” on Glorietta blast was baseless and just based on his speculation. Such and irresponsible statement from Trillanes add the confusion. Let us wait for the result of the investigation.

    I agree that Politicizing the Glorietta incident will be unfair to the victims and their families.

    Too much politics immersed in the tragic incident!

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