Glorietta Bombing

It is but natural that many theories have been advanced on the Glorietta 2 blast in Makati City that, as of this writing, already claimed nine lives and injured almost a hundred people. When the facts are slow to trickle in–police are still sifting through “Ground Zero” for evidence–people make that up by spinning yarns.

There’s that spin made by jailed Sen. Antonio Trillanes, done in the confines of his cell, that the Arroyo government was behind the bombing to divert people’s attention away from the scandals President Arroyo is facing. I won’t buy that for now simply because real bombing as opposed to faked bombings is much too messy and bloody for even the worst government to countenance.

My initial take is that this is another terrorist hit. There has been a long lull in the activities of al-Qaeda linked groups like the Jemaah Islamiyah and the Abu Sayyaf. With the sustained military operation in Mindanao, these groups needed to show they still are a force to reckon with. Besides, only fanatics have the appetite to kill as many innocent people as they can.

But even if linking the Arroyo administration to the blast is a stretch, the President’s critics are still using that obviously for political reasons. The possibility is that destabilizers will use the incident to foment dissent, especially now that the Arroyo government is on the defensive and is being condemned for the scandals linked to it, from the National Broadband Network issue to the distribution of money in Malacañang.

It would be interesting to find out how things will pan out in the coming days. Can the Arroyo administration gain the people’s support in the fight against terrorism or will the opposition succeed in weakening the President’s hold on Malacañang further because of this incident? Let us wait and see.

–Bong O. Wenceslao, October 20, 2007  


8 Responses to Glorietta Bombing

  1. Mike Abundo says:

    Dude, C-4. Military explosive.

  2. Rapture of the Blade says:

    “these groups needed to show they still are a force to reckon with”
    – But then why aren’t they claiming responsibility?
    “Besides, only fanatics have the appetite to kill as many innocent people as they can.”
    – People in power also have the appetite to kill, to preserve power. That’s how the world actually works. Governments can stage bombings as false flags against rival factions, or to divert attention, etc. They can be as savage as terrorists.
    I obviously have a bent for the Trillanes theory, but I’ll leave my mind open until more evidence comes up.

  3. Ikugan says:

    Terrorist groups? how much were YOU paid during that bribery breakfast to write this piece? I read this article and was reminded of that passage from “Macbeth”. “…a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing…”

    So Glorietta gets bombed just as gloria is being hounded by the bribery scandal and that broadband scam? Last year they claimed “coup attempts” and “possible terrorist threats” to declare emergency powers and ignore the Constitution. This year they kill the very people they claim to be protecting. if you were any sort of reporter, you’d stop being a lapdog for the administration. better yet, leave the country and see the situation from the viewpoint of THE REST OF THE PLANET. Your vision is narrowed by the blinders of ignorance.

  4. Ikugan,

    I cannot speak for the owner of this blog, but I am a regular reader of this blog and reading your comment makes me think. Who’s tale is told by an idiot with all the sound and fury?

    I have my own theories as to the cause of the Makati explosion and as to who is behind it. But as things go, I have to admit that we still need to wait for more developments to get something conclusive.

    Please don’t rush to judgment.

    In the end, it should be clear as to who’s vision is really narrowed by the blinders of ignorance.

    More power to you sir Bong.

  5. Connie Remo says:

    My wish is for us to get the real story behind the blast. Unfortunately, we are being informed by authorities who suffer very low in credibility. I would trust the opinion of disinterested parties more like the Australian bomb experts and FBI. We must all demand for a more credible CSI report!!! Otherwise, the perpetrators will not only get away with the crime, they will also succeed in taking us for a ride to hell!!!

  6. powershift says:

    Ikugan,what are you saying? Too personal. Please stick on the issue and don’t attack persons.

    As to Trillanes, I think he is just seeking public attention. He has no basis that the blast was backed by the government. I appeal to Trillanes to stop dreaming and stop sharing his wild dreams.

  7. cebuano says:

    To Karlo Mikhail and Powershift, thanks for the kind words. I don’t normally answer low types like Ikugan and his ilk; those people are merely seeking attention. Besides, if I oblige them, I will be going down to the level of the ignorant and the stupid. I want discussion in this blog to be intellectually stimulating.

  8. ikugan says:

    When you see somebody with a chip on his shoulder and using a column to spout ridiculous ideas you can’t help but question his motives. Candi, if you truly believe what you write I feel sorry for you and your fans. Yes yes, “ignorant and stupid”, “low types” et al. Please, you can do better than that or must you once again look in the your english dictionary to find new words? “Seeking attention”? I’m not the one with a web column complete with personal photo and family history. “going down to the level…ignorant and stupid”? Um, you’re already there.

    Latest intel provided shows that it was C4 of military origin. Despite what the NBI or AFP claims, the components used are ALL military issue. Now that Erap’s out, wait for the military to play hero and “oust” gma. All this to ensure they aren’t prosecuted for their numerous crimes against the Filipino people. Look for Ramos to be pulling the strings. If you truly are a journalist you would have known this days ago.

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