Letter from Mt. Everest Climber Noelle Wenceslao

Hi… Is this Bong?

First of all, it took me this long to write, because although I keep a working email account and even a poorly maintained account in Friendster, I’m not very computer savvy. And I don’t have computer access at my home either. I’m right now writing from a dark, loud internet shop surrounded by violent gamers. Not the best environment to concentrate. Still, I’ve been meaning to write you for the longest time!

I read your piece for the first time when I was in Kathmandu. It’s a good thing my friends and teammates are on the net more than I am. They showed me the piece, and since then, I’d shown it to the rest of my family. Such interesting insight into the Wenceslaos! Until recently, my family wasn’t aware of the Wenceslao outside our direct relatives. I did, however, meet a Wenceslao in Camotes, when I joined an adventure race there.

My father’s father is Francisco Rodriguez Wenceslao. His roots are in San Mateo, I think. I’ll find out more on this and share it with you! I’m meeting mountaineers who are Wenceslaos. Last month, I met Babu in Dumaguete, and soon I’ll meet a Tani from Davao.

Noelle Wenceslao

(The e-mail, which was sent as a response to the article that came out in my Sun.Star column and in this blog, was dated September 25, 2007)


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