Party-list Polls in Cebu

Pastor Alcover Jr.’s  group topping the party-list elections in Cebu? Anti-communist group Alliance for National Democracy (Anad) besting the militant group Bayan Muna? The social pendulum shifting swinging to the right?

This is actually the first time that an anti-communist group topped the party-list elections since the party-list provision was inserted in the 1986 Constitution. Note that the party-list elections have long been the turf of militants, with the various factions of the Left complaining for dominance in it. voting precinct

It looks like government is now trying to play catch up. President Arroyo and her allies set up their own party-list group and systematized efforts to get the votes in the May 14 elections. The Armed Forces, meanwhile, as part of its counter-insurgency operation, inspired the setting up of anti-communist party-list groups and systematized efforts to get the votes for them.

Why the success?

I say the pendulum swing to the right is the most logical explanation, although factors like the use of government machinery and resources also mattered. And the pendulum swing could be the result of wrong strategy on the part of the Left. Too much politicking has portrayed the Left not only as militants but more so as election partisans. They are perceived less for whatever moves they had for advancing sectoral interests.

I don’t know, but even my wife consider militant groups as nuisance and lumped them with the do-nothing political opposition. Overly engrossed with the effort to topple down Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, they have largely neglected to advance the interests of the various classes and sectors they are supposed to be representing in Congress, like the farmers, workers, students, urban poor, other professionals, etc.

What bills have been sponsored by the factions of the Left–from the Reaffirmists to the Rejectionists, Marxist-Leninists to social democrats—advancing the interests of, say, the farmers and workers? What projects have they implemented for the same sectors? Economism can be a vice only if too much emphasis is placed on it to the neglect of the political goal. But militants neglecting it is also wrong.

–Candido O. Wenceslao, May 23, 2007


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