Those Surveys

How reliable are those surveys conducted in the Philippines by, say, Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia?

I have my suspicions, but I could not be definite. The suspicions are based on two points: one, the timing of the issuance of the results of the surveys and, two, the people behind the survey firms and their funding support.

The release of the results of the surveys always seems to follow the campaign plan of the political opposition. In the elections, for example, one gets the feeling that the actual goal of the surveys is to make a trending that would favor candidates of the opposition. Or it looks like the areas surveyed are only those known to be bailiwicks of opposition forces.

People behind the survey firms, like Mahar Mangahas and Felipe Miranda, are not paragons of fairness. While they have refused to comment on important national issues, people know they have their biases. How those biases reflected the manner the surveys were conducted is something worth looking into.

And how do these survey firms survive? It would be interesting to find out their funding sources because these could show why questions are being raised against survey results.

I am actually waiting for the result of the senatorial elections and compare it with the result of the popularity surveys conducted by Pulse Asia and Social Weather Station. I heard a Social Weather Station executive claim that the top 10 in their list are already “sure winners.”

If elections are determined by surveys, we better not hold elections. Paying Pulse Asia and Social Weather Station would be cheaper in choosing candidates to fill up elective posts. Di ba?

–Candido O. Wenceslao, May 14, 2007


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