Virginia Tech Nightmare

Nothing race-related in the April 17, 2007 (Philippine time) massacre at Virginia Tech in Blaksburg, Virginia. But some Cebuanos could not help but joke about the gunman, Cho Seung-Hui (see photo) being Korean. Many South Koreans are living in Cebu and some of them have caught public attention for their antics.

Virginia Tech gunman

What Cho did was not because of the color of his skin, although his upbringing, surrounding and psychological makeup may have something to do with it. Many people hate inequity and are loners, but they didn’t massacre innocent schoolmates and professors.

Culture, the United States that is, must have something to do with it, too. A materialistic society turns human beings into mere commodities, not people made in the image of God. Thus they are objects that can easily be killed as a sacrifice. And, yes, guns and other weapons there can be easily secured.

I could not imagine this kind of crime happening in the Philippines, although there is a possibility that it will considering the supposed tendency of Filipinos to ape what is the vogue in the West. My hope is that our values will be able to survive the inroads made by the kind of culture and surrounding that have the potentials of transforming young people into vicious criminals.

-Candido O. Wenceslao, April 20, 2007   


2 Responses to Virginia Tech Nightmare

  1. Ray J says:

    Apart from the main story, since this blog is about media, I thought I can comment on the American reaction to the killer’s manifesto being aired on TV here.

    By noontime on the day after the manifesto was revealed, the networks suffering a backlash by the sympathetic public, stopped airing the prurient details, and have since retreated, to defensive positions.

    Just FYI. Ray J in USA

  2. just an individual says:

    Just to comment on Koreans. I simply dont want to deal with them because they are so racist thinkoing they are btter than any other race. I was called a “wetback” by a korean who was driving a BMW as I crossed the street. I am not a wetback but I am a veteran and an American citizen. Who fought in 3 different battlefronts. So this is the kind of people I am willing to die for and protecting. So I said fuck this these people are not worth dying for.

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