Portion of Colon at Night

I spent time the other night at the corner of Colon St. and Osmeña Blvd. while waiting for my wife finish her proofreading tasks at The Freeman. Standing on the sidewalk near Rose Pharmacy and Chowking restaurant afforded me a closer view of the crowd in Cebu City’s oldest street at this day and age.

Sitting on the steps of the pharmacy were four old men talking about various topics, specifically religion. I often see people like these in this area, seemingly whiling away their time in a place known to be a haven of sidewalk vendors, dispatchers, low-level prostitutes and call boys. I reckon that, like me, they were old denizens of the city who roamed Colon in its glory days in the ’70s and ’80s.

Two of them would later transfer to a lamppost near Chowking, where a man selling Yakult was. They continued the discussion there, with one of them picking up a debate with a passerby. The passerby would later walk away, unable to contain the spirited assault of the old man, who would spice his arguments with insults.

In this place, it is actually the balut vendors that rule. There are around four of them, placing long wooden benches on the sidewalk. I don’t eat balut much, but people, like those going home after a day’s work, do sit on those benches, crack the egg shells, eat silently then leave. Business was good, apparently.

What forced me to leave, however, was this young call boy, who smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to have some fun. He probably mistook me for a homosexual, and that was insulting.  I told him to scram, then left in a huff.  I transferred to another area where the prostis were, but that’s another story altogether.

–Candido O. Wenceslao, April 10, 2007


5 Responses to Portion of Colon at Night

  1. Just close to where you stood sir, across Metro Gaisano and Manila bank, I experience (several times) being asked for “some fun” by young prostitutes. Standing in this area for whatever purpose will be mistaken as you are looking for “some fun”. I was new to Cebu City then, and was innocent on likes to be in Colon..[portion]

    I am saddened by this reality and at the same time I feel unsafe. Why? Because in the same area, I lost my wallet with my cash and important cards and pictures (pick pocketed?, a big possibility). As what the Carbon police told me, “magbantay gyod pirme”

  2. Matthew Dene says:

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  3. Jessie says:

    I remember my middle aged lady boss who was asked by a young guy in that area if she wanted a “short time”. Raising her brows, it took time for her to understand what a “short time” means so she was there contemplating for a while when finally she told the young guy that she wanted an “over time”. The guy left.

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