Change of Direction

This is the third title of this blog—from Cebuano to Rebelmind and now, Ang Peryodista. Part of growing up, really. I am summing up the experience of handling this and considered the output.

First, I thought I could concentrate on Cebuano writing but gave that up. Then for a while, I wallowed in the illusion that I can stress on writing about the revolution, having been a participant. I now realize that I would be better off not wallowing too much on the past but rather dwell on my present profession, which is journalism. I am more updated in this topic, especially the Cebu version.

So, “Ang Peryodista” or The Journalist. Sounds better?


One Response to Change of Direction

  1. Karlo says:

    Sir Wenceslao:

    I have no point of comparison. But “Ang Peryodista” sounds good for me. God bless.

    I’m just wondering, why are your two sons named Khan?


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