Family days

My son Eldrick Khan was baptized last Dec. 17, one day before Edizza and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. The past days, therefore were family days, though I valiantly tried to balance family responsibilities with work.

Having a second son is definitely unlike having the first one. While the excitement is still there, preparing for Rick-rick’s baptismal did not seem as difficult as when we had our eldest, Edison Khan, baptized. Experience does take away some of the emotional attachments to the ritual.

My wife had for ninongs and ninangs the relatively religious ones, like her cousin-in-law Mercy, her officemate Maribeth, our neighbor Vikay, my nephew Wenboy, etc. My other, Nanay Juling, was still able to contribute by having one of her pigs slaughtered for the occasion. That took away part of the financial burden of the activity.

Indeed, having a second child means we should be extra careful with our finances. Even now, a part of my salary is being allocated for the usual expenses–milk, diaper, baby wipes, vaccinations, etc. If only we were rich. But that’s another story altogether.

Last Dec. 16, we brought Rick-rick to Dr. Samuel Yu, Khan-khan’s pediatrician who holds clinic at the Cebu Doctors Hospital. The boy had BCG, his second vaccination after the first one against Hepa B. Going to Cebu Doc and back to our residence in Pakigne, Minglanilla is a tedious one, but those trips are very important.

We passed by Sitio Kawayan in B. Rodriguez Ext. and brought Rick-rick for the first time in the Wenceslao family’s old residence. Nanay Juling saw her new grandson for the first time. It’s sad that Tatay Tiyong is no longer around to see Rick-rick. He died when Khan-khan was still one year-old.

Back in Pakigne, Edizza and I had to make sure we showed up at the Christmas party of the Sto. Niño Smart Child Learning Center where Khan-khan was among those who danced in their program. Watching one’s son grow up before your eyes is indeed exhilirating.

Khan-khan is growing fast, and there is no doubt in my mind about his intellect. He is a fast learner and has outstripped children of his age in our small neighborhood in Sitio Pinggan. Our responsibility now is to nurture his abilities and temper that with discipline.

Fatherhood is sometimes tiresome, but it is worth the while.

Candido O. Wenceslao, December 20, 2006


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