Another Wenceslao

It has been almost two weeks since my second son, Eldrick Khan, was born. Unlike in the case of our first son, Edison Khan, we no longer find it difficult to care for Rick-rick. My wife Edizza is already a veteran, sort of, of the ritual. Now Eldrick is no longer just a sleeping bundle, he is starting to provide daily joys to our home.

This was my wife’s second caesarian operation, and the decision to “package” the pregnancy was apparently a good one. The burden of paying the hospital bills was lightened. In this sense, I would like to thank concerned personnel of the Cebu Doctors Hospital for the safe delivery and the adequate medical attention given to my wife.

Of course, there is the ambivalent feeling, considering the kind of economic setup this country is in. There are always worries about raising another child. But I am a believer in the saying that God will provide. My mother Juling and my late father Tiyong raised nine children and they did well. They are good role models.

My wife Edizza, with Eldrick Khan and his older brother Edison Khan

– –Candido O. Wenceslao, November 29, 2006


One Response to Another Wenceslao

  1. Pobrengalindahaw says:

    Having 9 kids is not a role model. Raising 9 kids to do well is not a role model but a feat.

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