Eldrick Khan

We decided on the name even when the baby was still in his mother’s womb. My wife Edizza wanted something with an “E” at the beginning, similar to that of the baby’s kuya, Edison Khan. I remembered Tiger Woods. How about Eldrick Khan, I asked my wife.

My second son was born today after a caesarian operation at the Cebu Doctors Hospital. This time around, we prepared. Despite the hassles of the setup, we decided to go on a “package” arrangement so the hospital bills will be affordable for us. Hopefully, nobody will faint when we will face the cashier in the next few days.

It was taxing waiting ouside the operating room even if deep in your mind you feel that that the hospital is medically capable. Edizza was brought to the OR at past 7 a.m., the baby came out at past 9 a.m. and she was wheeled back to the obstetrics ward at past 2 p.m. I breathe easily now. How does it feel to have another baby? The same as having the first one. I watched while medical attendants followed the usual hospitual ritual for newly borns and became awkward seeing the baby struggle with the new surrounding.

Of course I am wary. Raising a child is always difficult, especially in the kind of economic environment the Philippines is in. Will we be up to the task? Can our finances cope up with an addition to the family?

Catholics, however, consider babies a blessing. This is not about costs but about lives made in the image of God. You do not count the cost, because what you sow is what you reap. Children continue the cycle of life and props us up when we grow old.

Which reminds me of my friend, Oscar. When he arrived with his family after living for years in Manila, he had nothing. He started off by driving trisikad. His wife later started a small sidewalk business. They survived despite having or because they have four kids.

For now, I am content looking at Eldrick Khan in the crib through a mirror. Tomorrow, we may finally be able to carry him in our arms. My sister-in-law called up Khan-Khan and he was excited to see his younger brother. Truly, a bundle of joy has been delivered to us.

–Candido O. Wenceslao

November 18, 2006


2 Responses to Eldrick Khan

  1. cdo says:

    congrats to your new born baby!!! i wish next time would be a girL..good Luck though.

  2. cebuano says:

    Thanks cdo. If the next will be a girl, thank God. If not, then it’s okay. Again, thanks for the comment

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