Maintaining a blog

Just got lost in the passing the past few days. Had problem in the office (a superior that passes blame), got lost in the Manny Pacquiao-Oscar Larios hype, and did some painting job at home. That meant losing grip of this blog.

Anyway, I just got back to posting new entries here, like Part II of the special report I did for The Freeman newspaper in 1993.I am still preparing the third part (conclusion), so those interested in the history of Camotes (my homeplace), just keep in touch again.

There are other articles I am preparing, though I hope I won’t get lost in life’s usual shuffles again. This will include the interesting ones I wrote years ago, when blogging was not the in thing, and new ones, hopefully on my thoughts about the rebellion and government’s all-out war against the rebels.

By the way, I changed the name of this blog from “Sugbuanon” to “Rebelmind” precisely because I wanted to put a stress on this rebel thing. As a participant of the National Democratic Revolution from 1979 to 1988, I have a wealth of experience enough to be able to deal with the topic well.

So, to those interested, do keep posted.

–Dodo/Bong Wenceslao

July 5, 2006


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