Journal 1: PB member’s letter

I received a letter from Provincial Board Member Agnes Magpale of the fifth district of Cebu Province. The fifth district includes the Camotes group of islands where Poro town, the birth place of my mother Juliana, and Tudela town, the birthplace of my late father Timoteo, belong. Magpale’s letter was in reaction to a column I wrote in Sun.Star, the number one newspaper in Cebu, about her successful effort to pass a local Women’s Code. (Aside from being opinion editor of the paper, I also write three columns a week–Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays–and three editorials a week–Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.) That column on Magpale came out on Nov. 10, 2005 and her letter was dated Nov. 11, 2005. Here it goes:

Dear Bong,

This has reference to your Sun.Star column on Nov. 10, 2005, page A12, titled “Pro-women code.”

It was Gov. Gwen Garcia who first told me about the kind words in your column. I went to Catmon together with the governor earlier that day for a visitation-cum-public consultation in the northern barangay of Bactas. This was the reason I wasn’t able to read the sizzling issues in the papers on time.

I really cannot contain the feeling of being hailed by a very respected columnist in the region. The unwarranted commendations and the confidence you always bestow on me deserve a word of thanks. Rest assured of my continuing efforts to live, as I always do, with your expectations. Words like yours really keep me going, as it has always been the impelling cause why I cannot turn my back to public service.

After a tiresome nine years in the Provincial Board years before, I never thought I’d be back in politics, but with my son Miguel’s help, I am coping with both running a school for the poor and being a provincial legislator. This is really a fever in my blood.

Finally, let me extend my wholehearted praise to you for writing something about women. By this, you have given your share in the implementation of the women’s Code. And I’m sure this will be an eye-opener for my fellow legislators so that they will be more candid with their jobs as they set themselves towards their noble tasks of serving the public.

Thank you and warm regards!

Sinecerely yours,

(Sgd) Agnes A. Magpale


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