Hello, world!

It’s but a small point in one of those tiny dots called the Philippines. Cebu is an island in the middle of the archipelago. Small but, well, it’s home. This blog emanates from there, and from this Cebuano, a journalist by profession and a creative writer at heart. So again, hello world!

Candido Ortega  Wenceslao, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


4 Responses to Hello, world!

  1. arjee says:

    more power to you. i like your writing.

  2. cebuano says:

    Arjee, thanks for the compliments.

  3. rencalago says:

    Cebu is truly an excellent tourist destination.
    lets promote our own

  4. Renato Pacifico says:

    I’m a proud Cebuano. I love Cebu City. It’s a compact, bustling city with active boisterous nightlife.

    People still know each other. Neighbors are still where they were the last time I left them. The pungko-pungko in Redemptorist gives me real, authentic, native culinary and coronary dish when “klas-pipol” shun because it’s too high-caloric, artery-clogging, unhygeinic, only-for-the-poor and no-klas at all.

    The Theresians looked at me as weird sitting on dirty low-bench swarming with flys. But they seemed to forgive me because I looked touristy-off-shore-Pinoy.

    The place I hanged-out with was those little carenderias across Boulevard near Capitol. My favorite there is sizzling squid with fresh onion rings sprinkled with sliced green pepper (of course, I had them made it the way I want it).

    Cebu is still peaceful. I don’t worry much about killings. Only “bad” people get shot anyways. “Bad” I mean social victims neglected by Christian wealthies.


    Cebu is the only place in the Philippines where true government runs to form as expected. There may be corruption but not by the billions of pesos!

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